EV Batteries Leak Tester


Two new features
Realize even higher accuracy in leak measurement for large-volume products


Cosmo EV Batteries Leak Tester measurement

When test air is applied inside the product, especially large resin product, its housing suddenly deforms during measurement. This irregular deformation disturbs the pressure in the product being measured and can cause false
judgment. The CISVAS filter (Cosmo’s unique algorithm) monitors the sudden deformation noise during measurement and automatically identifies it, thereby removing it as a factor of false judgment.

As a result, deterioration of yield and false “Pass” judgment on “Fail” products due to the deformation can be prevented.

Ambient Temperature Compensation

Reduces false judgments due to ambient temperature change

Temperature change that occurs during air leak test, as
well as deformation, can cause false judgment in Detection. Research has shown that especially for largevolume
products, changes in ambient temperature have strong correlation to test results and significantly change
the data. This change in ambient temperature is caused by a variety of factors, including seasons (spring, summer,
fall, winter), transition from morning to afternoon to evening, and sudden winds.

The EV Series Leak Testers measure the ambient temperature in real time and calculate the amount of
compensation based on the difference from the reference temperature and reflect it in each leak test. This feature
can significantly reduce false judgments caused by sudden and persistent temperature changes.

Cosmo EV Batteries Leak Tester measurement 2

*There is a limit to the temperature change that can be tracked by the
ambient temperature compensation.


Cosmo EV Batteries Leak Tester